9. Congratulations to ZhiChao Gong, his work was accepted by ASC Catalysis.


8. Happy Teachers' Day to the three teachers! 2021/09/10
7. 期刊:Chem Catalysis 文章类型:研究论文 一作:刘静静 文章标题:Edge-hosted Fe-N3 sites on multiscale porous carbon framework combining high intrinsic activity with efficient mass transport for oxygen reduction
6. 期刊: Small 文章类型:综述 一作:刘静静 文章标题:Electronic Structure Regulation of Single-Atom Catalysts for Electrochemical Oxygen Reduction to H2O2
5. 期刊:Rare Metals 文章类型:综述 一作:柳建斌 文章标题:Graphene Oxide-Derived Single-Atom Catalysts for Electrochemical Energy Conversion

4. Congratulations to Liu Rui, her work was accepted by Advanced materials (Q1,IF: 30.8).


3. Welcome new master students Ting Liang (梁婷) and XinYu Zhang (张鑫瑜) to join Fei group ! 2021/07/14

2. Welcome new students of 2020 ! 2021/02/05

1. Our research group website is online !!! 2020/02/26